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Alternatives To Excel That Are Better For Budgeting And Planning

Excel is spreadsheet technology created by Microsoft to accompany their Windows system. It features graphing tools, calculation, pivot tables and a macro programming language for pattern recognition and creation. Excel was developed by Microsoft, so it is more suited to computers and technology that is either made by or runs on Microsoft systems. However, [...]

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Why Cognitive Computing Will Help You Get Your Job Done

Problem solving, forecasting and troubleshooting are three things that every business needs to have control over. Issues can crop up without notice and if you do not have the right resources in place to combat these problems, you risk slowing down your entire operation. With cognitive computing, these issues all but disappear. What is [...]

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How To Streamline Your Budget Process & Planning With IBM Cognos TM1

As the economy shifts, it’s important for businesses to adapt. Through strategic planning, budgeting and analysis, we can aim for better business outcomes, regardless of the economic climate. We need to address performance gaps, forecast accordingly and ensure that our financial targets are connected through a dynamic solution. In order to do so, we [...]

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