Update your forecasts when you want to

2018-11-28T09:58:39+00:00 December 17th, 2018|

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to update your forecasts on a quarterly basis rather than annually?  Budgeting, planning and forecasting has typically been an annual process because of the time, effort and money involved.  Collecting data from multiple sources, consolidating it, checking it, refining it, checking the numbers again can definitely take weeks [...]

It’s Time to Plan your IBM TM1 Upgrade to IBM Planning Analytics

2018-11-28T09:00:52+00:00 December 6th, 2018|

Specifically, TM1 10.2.0 will be out of support by September 2018 and TM1 10.2.2 will be out of support by September 2019. Now is the perfect time to focus on a Health Check and upgrade of your IBM and planning solution. The good news is that IBM has taken TM1 to the next level with new enhancements and a whole new self-service web interface and renamed it Planning Analytics.

Clarity Support

2018-11-28T10:10:22+00:00 December 4th, 2018|

Clear Insight has you covered for Clarity support, we have the experience; the professionals and the support systems to provide both emergency break fix and longer term strategic servicing and support for your Clarity system.  Clear Insight has an excellent relationship at the executive levels in Certent and has the support and backing of Certent [...]

3 Reasons Rolling Forecasts Can Drive Real ROI

2018-11-28T08:56:59+00:00 December 3rd, 2018|

Today's business environment is moving at a lightning pace. Many businesses increasingly struggle to keep up. With the advent of big data, organizations are seeing a constant stream of information come their way. They're under pressure to respond quickly to market demands. Plus, these organizations want to become more agile decision makers. With so [...]

Alternatives To Excel That Are Better For Budgeting And Planning

2018-11-28T09:46:36+00:00 November 30th, 2018|

Excel has its uses, but budgeting and planning should not be one of them. Moving beyond Excel When it comes to budgeting and planning, the software you choose is crucial. You want your business’ operations to run smoothly, so you need software that can facilitate the flow of information and analyze it in real [...]

Mainstreaming Predictive Analytics For The Masses

2018-05-09T07:02:50+00:00 April 3rd, 2017|

Whether your business makes medical supplies, or you run a multi-national accounting firm, predictive analytics is necessary. In order for every business, marketing professional and layperson to be able to use predictive analytics, it needs to readily available. However, before we explore why mainstreaming predictive analytics for the masses is important, we first must [...]

The Analytics Bottleneck: Make Your Data Easier And Quicker To Access

2018-05-09T07:02:49+00:00 March 27th, 2017|

When it comes to big data and analytics, you should be able to access this information quickly without a hassle. Once data has been collected, it is translated into a user-friendly language creating materials that that are crucial to running a business. Big data and analytics serve to track key performance indicators, target new [...]

How To Use Analytics To Take Action For Your Business

2018-05-09T07:02:49+00:00 March 20th, 2017|

Any adept business owner will tell you that in order for your business to thrive and maintain a competitive edge, you need to use analytics to your advantage. Analytics is the discovery and diagnosis of patterns found within data. These patterns are presented in a way that allows businesses to grow by predicting future [...]

TM1 Web – unable to select from Action Menu or SUBNM

2018-03-16T12:09:22+00:00 March 16th, 2017|

Mozilla released Firefox web browser version 52.0 on March 7, 2017.  With this version, there appears to be a problem with some of the features in IBM Cognos TM1 Web.  Specifically, the Action Menu dropdown was no longer functioning.  Also, users were unable to select a specific element within a SUBNM dropdown object.  The [...]