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Plan, Analyze, Optimize and Monitor Branch Performance with a click!

BPW is a one of a kind integrated financial performance budgeting, forecasting and business intelligence solution, purpose built to meet the growing needs and diminishing budget of today's Banks and Credit Unions. Our clients see tremendous improvements in their control, confidence and optimization of business plans and forecasts, not to mention the reduced effort and elimination of frustration typically associated with these core business processes.


Efficient and effective revenue and expense planning requires detailed driver-based planning. Imagine a world of integrated planning and budgeting that includes What-If calculations for deposits, cost of capital, member loyalty and new product penetration that can directly feed into branch P/L's. Imagine a world where SG&A expenses are automatically generated from underlying business drivers and budget owners have 'budget sandboxes' to evaluate best, worst and most likely case scenarios. Using the workbench, credit unions are setting linked annual budgets, monthly re-forecasts and long-term 5-Year plans.

Daily business analysis and performance monitoring is done through specific 'MyWorld' dashboards. The CEO and CFO need different alerts and views of the business than the Branch Manager who in turn needs different views from the front-line client service specialists. From their desktop browser, tablet or phone the C level execs see exactly how the total business is performing, the impact of changing interest rates and the run-off rate.


Secure Data Storage & Access To Information

Dynamic and immediate online access to member history and banking data. Allowing for fast and efficient modeling of actual data, budget numbers and forecasts. Security profiles are easily maintained and managed by administrative personnel via multiple layers so that only those with access can see the data.

Delivers One Version Of The Truth

No more error-prone spreadsheets. Imagine a world with audit trail capability, security, and common metadata models ensuring everyone works with the same trusted information, consistent business rules and verified accurate and protected calculations.

Detailed Reporting & Analysis

Detailed reporting and analysis can be done throughout the planning and monitoring processes. Track profitability and operational efficiency by branch, member and/or product, compare actual versus plan and forecast. The models can be updated to accurately represent the current business realities. This insight provides the ability to quickly identify branches/products with high demand, and change variables to help maximize revenue.

Ad Hoc Queries—'What-if' Analysis

Analyze the cost/benefit of multiple different scenarios. Model changes in interest rates, calculate effect on run-off and determine the effect on member
churn. Model best-case, worst case and most likely outcomes quickly and easily.

Multiple Planning Perspectives

Perform top-down and bottom-up branch planning to ensure alignment with strategic objectives. Easily publish reports and conduct analysis based on critical information such as product sales, interest income, branch staffing, advertising spending and member loyalty.

Easy To Use, Excel-based Interfaces

Users can work within an Excel environment to create custom analysis and build business scenarios, allowing business users to use existing Excel skills and investments. The plans can be immediately updated with these scenarios using write-back capabilities, thereby eliminating data silos and inconsistencies throughout the organization.
Decision makers can interact with the information, on the web, on a mobile device or within a personalized workspace, even while disconnected from a network. It is easy to use and can be managed and operated by the business users themselves, no longer relying on IT resources to run reports.

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  • Wish you could build your annual plans more efficiently with more confidence?
  • Would you like to know what could improve branch performance or what is impacting branch growth?
  • Which financial products and solutions have the highest purchase potential for a given member and WHY?
  • What is the current cost of member acquisition and how to do it more effectively?
  • Ever wish you had one version of the truth and go to place for financial planning, reporting and analytics?
  • Then the Banking Performance Workbench is for you!

BPW Banking and Credit Unions Software

Banking leaders, Regional Directors, Branch Managers and Client Service Reps all have intuitive windows into the business and secure access to member information to maximize decision making and focus efforts for optimized performance.


  • One place for Revenue and Expense Budgets, Forecasts, Plans and Financial Reporting.
  • Aggregates revenue and expenses by branch, region or company.
  • Driver-based, rolling branch planning at the product and member level to manage key revenue and expenses in great detail.
  • Easily handles Board reports, Branch performance reporting, Federal Disclosure reporting and Annual Financial Reports.
  • Performance reporting and scorecarding.
  • Extensive spreading capabilities and auto allocations.
  • All in one system, no need to transfer data between systems and download to spreadsheets.
  • Multi-user security, workflow and enablement.
  • Any-time mobile access enabling remote budget updates and reporting.
  • 'What-if' scenario planning capability.


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