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Updating Clarity Software For Free

Did you know that you are entitled to all Clarity software updates from IBM, as long as you are current on your maintenance contract?  Bug fixes and enhancements are released periodically as incremental updates. Many fixes improve stability and small annoying challenges for which folks commonly implement workarounds. At the time of this writing, the [...]

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Line Item Detail in Clarity

Line Item Detail is a powerful feature, but not often used in Clarity.  Line Item Detail allows users to enter detail below the lowest grain of the cube.  The most common use is for budget planning. Most cubes have an Account dimension that matches their chart of accounts. Some users may know that they have [...]

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What If Modelling in Clarity

What If Modelling is a great feature of Clarity. The challenge for this is in the setup of the tool. Each cube is different. Each team has a different type of modeling they want to do. At a high level, what if modeling enables power users to copy a (scenario, year) combination into another (scenario, [...]

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