There comes a time when it is necessary or desirable to move away from one software application in favour of another.  There are many good reasons for you to upgrade your current budget, planning and forecasting system in exchange for a more robust and comprehensive replacement.  Some of the reasons that our clients have made the switch include the following:

All versions earlier than IBM Clarity 7 are no longer supported by IBM. 

For those of you who rely on support or who have been having some issues and realized that their version is no longer supported may find this a compelling reason to switch. Many companies also have a requirement that all software be supported and running on the latest version.

Hopefully all customers currently on IBM Clarity versions earlier than IBM Clarity 7 are all well aware of the fact that end-of-life support for these versions was December 31, 2012.   If you are currently on an older version of IBM Clarity please feel free to reach out to us and have a discussion about your options, we are also available to provide a 1-hour overview webinar for your key Finance and IT staff.  Just send us an email to

IBM Clarity 7 will also likely no longer be supported by the year 2018 and IBM has stated that they will maintain the product but that there will be no more enhancements or upgrades.  IBM's strategic direction for financial performance management is to invest in IBM Cognos TM1.

Clear Insight has helped customers with our rapid Discovery session in which we provide specific custom options and associated costs to help you make fully informed fact based decisions on what to do next and which route to take.

An all in one option that combines FPM, BI and Financial Reporting

It can be a significant investment to upgrade your current version of IBM Clarity depending on how old a version you have.  For a reasonable price IBM offers a comprehensive financial performance management system, with business intelligence and automated reporting. With IBM Cognos, you can equip everyone with the tools to help your organization outperform – including reports, analysis, statistics, dashboards, what-if analysis, plans, budgets and more.  You can assemble relevant business information in a unified workspace with reports and dashboards; analyze it to make fact-based recommendations from the desktop, the web or from within Microsoft Excel; and act on findings with plans and forecasts.  As well provide a flexible, self-contained and scalable solution that takes advantage of your existing IT infrastructure and has the ability to grow

If you have under 100 users you would consider IBM Cognos Express, for those with more than 100 users would be the best option.  We would be happy to arrange for a demo of the IBM Cognos product and its features.  With our expertise of both systems (IBM Clarity and IBM Cognos) we can make it painless to upgrade from one system to the other.

Special Licensing Equivalency pricing from IBM Clarity 7 to IBM Cognos TM1

For those of you considering a transition from IBM Clarity 7 to IBM Cognos TM1 IBM has announced a special Equivalency Licensing Program exclusively for you.  In layman terms for each full use IBM Clarity 7 license you own you are entitled to an end-user TM1 Contributor License at no charge when you purchase the TM1 Server License and pay maintenance on both products.

Please reach out to us for a private consult and special pricing to determine the exact value this special licensing could provide you by sending us an email via the following link

Ability to reuse templates currently created in IBM Clarity

With our expertise of both systems (IBM Clarity and IBM Cognos) we can make it painless to upgrade from one system to the other.  We can reuse and adapt many of the templates that you are currently using and provide training to bridge the knowledge gap.  We can point out the areas where efficiencies can be realized and to take full advantage of the latest enhancements and features of the IBM Cognos Suite.