There are many reasons to stay with Clarity and upgrade to the latest version and many other clients have done just that and are very happy.  Here are some reasons that they have done so:

  • Versions earlier than IBM Clarity 7 are no longer supported by IBM.
  • Significant improvements in the latest version of IBM Clarity 7
  • Less disruption – staying with a familiar product and maximizing the ROI of the IBM Clarity purchase
  • Focus is on expanding the use across departments
  • It is working!

If you are currently on an older version of IBM Clarity please feel free to reach out to us and have a discussion about your options, we are also available to provide a 1-hour overview webinar for your key Finance and IT staff.  Just send us an email via the following link  We can also introduce you to other customers who have gone through this process and can share their experiences with you.

Clear Insight has helped customers with our rapid Discovery session in which we provide specific custom options and associated costs to help you make fully informed fact based decisions on what to do next and what route to go.

Versions earlier than Clarity 7 are no longer supported. 

For those of you who rely on support or who have been having some issues and just realized that their version is no longer supported may find this a compelling reason to upgrade. Many companies also have a requirement that all software be supported and running on the latest version.

Hopefully all customers currently on IBM Clarity versions earlier than IBM Clarity 7 are all well aware of the fact that end-of-life support, by IBM, for these versions was December 31, 2012.   We are happy to provide you with assistance in the meantime and for your upgrade.  Clear Insight is very qualified to do so with ex-IBM and Clarity consultants on staff.

Significant improvements in the latest version of IBM Clarity 7

There are many new features that have been released in the version 7.2.1 of IBM Clarity.  There may be some features or functionality available now that you are currently missing in your version of IBM Clarity.  Some highlights of the benefits are listed:

      • Familiar web interface – so little to no training would be required
      • Significant performance improvements – an increase in the speed that the templates render and report books run faster
      • Scheduling improvements
      • Better data management
        • Multiple OLAP mapping
        • Relational drill-through
      • Feature enhancements
        • Use of Excel named ranges
        • Block formatting on rows and columns
      • Support for Internet Explorer 9
      • Improved development tool – IBM Clarity 7 studio – replaces template builder

One of the biggest advantages in upgrading from IBM Clarity 6.x to 7 is having access to the new IBM Clarity Studio application.

This desktop tool has been built from the ground up and provides the user with a new and innovative report and template building tool. It is a revolutionary design that moves away from the traditional IBM Clarity Excel add-in and more towards the common Microsoft look and feel interface.  For more information check the main Clarity product page.

We are also able to provide a demo of the new software and its features so that you can evaluate them for yourselves.  Please email us at

Less disruption – staying with a familiar product and maximizing the ROI of the IBM Clarity purchase.

There is a lot to be said for staying with what you know.  Many have made a significant investment in IBM Clarity and are not interested in throwing that away.  The training for the new version of IBM Clarity will not be as intensive as learning a new application and many do not feel that they have the time to evaluate and learn something new.  The latest version has many new features but the look and feel is still the same as the older versions.

Focus is on expanding the use across departments

Many clients would rather invest in expanding the scope and the adoption rate across the enterprise rather than investing in new software at this time.

It is working!

Something to be said for a system that is working and is meeting the current needs.  If this is the situation but you need some support or minor modifications please feel free to reach out to our experts and we can help you.