Building reports in ClarityStudio can be a bit challenging without some guidance. To help new folks along, we have developed a series of Youtube videos to walk you through the process of developing a complex report. This particular report that we build together is a validation report to compare two cubes. This is a very important part of any testing phase of a project. This gives us the visibility into the system to question any number in the cube, and reconcile it back to a source system. Instead of having to ask a DBA to verify numbers, the Finance team can verify numbers anytime they want ensuring they are comfortable and confident in the numbers they report.

Starting from scratch, we talk about all these topics while building this validation report:

  • Layout of a report
  • Dimensions
  • Connecting to datasources
  • OLAP Member Lists – Selecting dimension members
  • OLAP Maps – Setting up result sets for display on the Excel grid
  • Page Options
  • Calculating Variances
  • Traffic Lighting
  • Linked Documents
  • Cascading
  • Block Formatting
  • Zooming (Zoom In / Zoom Out)
  • Security Setup
  • Audit Trail
  • Archiving
  • Dashboards in Visualizer
A Youtube playlist has been setup to walk you through the sequence of videos. The idea is that you can follow along and build the same report in your own environment. It uses the demo cube that should be installed with every Clarity implementation, so you can use the exact same setup when you do it too.
Here is a link to the Youtube playlist. Please send us your comments to or @clearinsightfpm on what other types of videos you would like to see in this new training series.
Youtube Playlist