A common question we receive is, “How can I get help from IBM on Clarity or TM1?…and what do they cover?”.  Companies current on their support contracts with IBM are entitled to support from them. The support is limited to making sure the base product works as expected. It does not include any custom development, templates or reports. IBM will be able to make sure you can connect to Clarity from Clarity Studio, but they will not help you build that new Balance Sheet or Profit and Loss report.

If there are challenges though, it’s nice get their help. They are smart folks trying to help people. From the IBM home page, under the ‘Support and downloads’ menu, there is a menu item for ‘PMRs and service requests’. This is the codeword for support. Going to this area, you will be able to enter a support ticket and get their help. You can also track status of any open support tickets here too.
Here is a link to the Service requests home page.
Service requests and PMRs