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Customer-Centric, Context-Sensitive

Being more than just product experts, Clear Insight has the capability of being your business partner in ongoing and future activities working with the IBM Cognos or IBM Clarity suite of products.

Our teams of experienced professionals are available to supplement and assist your team’s resourcing requirements.

All of our certified project managers have years of experience in working with solutions using IBM Clarity 7 and are also certified IBM Cognos TM1 developers.

At Clear Insight, we believe in a customer-centric, context-sensitive approach. Business changes are happening faster all the time, and software needs to be flexible enough to adapt to these changing realities. Rather than planning minute details for something that may or may not happen six months from now, we always focus on the high return-on-investment steps, while keeping the larger system view in perspective. Incrementally delivering parts of the solution ensures we can react to feedback throughout the project to ensure we deliver a high value solution, even as your business changes.

Innovative Approach

At Clear Insight we believe that each customer situation is unique so our innovative approach places emphasis on collaboration, interaction and adaptation.  While not necessarily free form, our implementation framework adheres to accepted industry standard while managing the exceptions as they appear, this results in more satisfied stakeholders.  These standards include processes and methods published by Project Management Institute (PMI), Agile Alliance and Scrum Alliance.

The key to Clear Insight's methodology is based on combining the iterative development process that is common with methods found in agile and XP programming with specific components of service delivery. The benefits of this approach includes:

  • Faster ROI
  • Accelerated response to changing business needs
  • Improved user experience and acceptance

ALL our consultants leading implementations have one or more of the following certifications:  PMP®, PMI-ACP®, Certified ScrumMaster®. Along with the certifications, they have a minimum of 10 years of post-graduate work experience with significant time spent in project leadership roles.

With our knowledge and experience in project management, Clear Insight professional services will be a trusted partner to team with you in understanding and applying the right solutions for your organizational needs.
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Clear Insight Methodology

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