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IBM recently released a second generation financial reporting solution with significantly improved architecture which overcomes many of the performance issues faced with FSR, improved functionality increases CDM value for both internal and external reporting, user friendly interface is much easier to master and most of all existing FSR clients, can directly swap their 'current' FSR license to CDM License at no extra cost.

Migrate to CDM with Clear Insight in 4 Simple Steps:

1) Report Review: Provides design and Readiness check
2) Installation and Migration: Install CDM and Migrate your existing FSR report
3) Training : 1 day bridging course fully accredited for CPE and CPD credits *
4) Post migration implementation and support: Post migration work and continued support for as long as it is needed

Why Migrate?

  1. Improved Overall Functionality

      • Edit Multiple Objects
      • Improved Workflow functionality
      • Improved Report Generation functionality
      • Enhanced database load
  2. Improved Architecture and Performance

      • Processes are done on the server side as opposed to the client thus making most processes faster
      • Major processes can occur at the same time without any significant effect to performance
  3. Seamless Integration with other Business Solutions

      • CDM integrates well with other financial solutions

    * Additional training days will be required if you require XBRL bridge training, this also qualifies for CPE and CPD credits.


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