Certent Narrative Performance Reporting

A secure, collaborative, enterprise-scalable reporting and process automation solution that enables users to merge enterprise data with focused narrative analysis in a controlled, auditable environment.

Enterprise disclosure management

Combine financial data from a variety of sources with in-depth narrative analysis for internal and external reporting across any department.

Cloud-based deployment

Provide all the functionality of the on-premise solution plus the capability for mobile access and collaboration through the IBM Concert interface.

Security, control and governance

Manage documents in a collaborative yet secure environment with visibility into the report generation process.

Multi-jurisdictional XBRL support

Enable multi-national organizations to use a single reporting/tagging solution.

Financial management process automation

Replace time-consuming manual processes with intelligent process design and automation.

Automate internal reporting such as management reports, operational reports, board books, and strategic plans and forecasts.

Provide executive, financial and operational leaders with accurate, timely data and analysis to drive better, faster business decisions.

Update reports automatically in real time through integration with corporate data sources.

Enhance control over regulatory filings, global statutory and tax reporting, Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and sustainability reporting, treasury management and other reports that are normally produced manually.

Ensure a single version of the truth by bringing together any and all enterprise data, such as BI and performance management data, into reports in a single, scalable solution.

Provide visibility and accountability in critical reports for management and business leaders in a variety of formats, including Microsoft PowerPoint presentations and Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF documents.

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