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QUBEdocs® is a solution for managing and documenting IBM® Cognos® TM1® by adding a new dimension of visibility and information governance.

QUBEdocs provides centralized, interactive and up-to-date information to help efficiently and effectively develop, administer and monitor your Cognos TM1 environment.

QUBEdocs makes documenting IBM Cognos TM1 easy

Understanding and documenting Cognos TM1 can be a time consuming process. Further, when making changes to complex models, it is challenging to fully understand the implications of these changes to ensure issues or inaccuracies won't arise. Having made the changes, documentation must be also updated – incurring effort better spent on creating new models or analyzing the resultant data. QUBEdocs reinvents static documentation as a rich, interactive and visual workbench that you can use to manage your Cognos TM1 solution.

Developed by leading Cognos TM1 specialists and IBM Premier Business Partner, Mindfull, QUBEdocs is a proven solution for addressing the everyday challenges Cognos TM1 analysts and developers face. By delivering meaningful documentation of Cognos TM1 models, it virtually eliminates many of the time consuming tasks and overheads associated with managing and making risk-free changes to Cognos TM1 models.

Who is QUBEdocs built for?

QUBEdocs has been developed as a valuable solution for:

  • Business users
  • Developers/Modelers
  • Administrators

Key challenges in managing IBM Cognos TM1 models

QUBEdocs helps to solve critical issues in organizations such as:

  • How do I understand?
  • How do I keep track of change?
  • How do I govern effectively?

Moreover, QUBEdocs focuses on:

  • Understanding complex models and their dependencies
  • Minimizing the effort involved in documenting models for different user types such as analysts and developers
  • Providing impact analysis before making changes to reduce risk of errors and data loss
  • Tracking these changes to maintain up-to-date, dependable documentation that meets corporate governance requirements
  • Providing effective support for Cognos TM1 implementations and business users

How can QUBEdocs help your organization?

Knowledge retention and dissemination
A critical issue when skilled Cognos TM1 users leave the organization or new people come on board.

Timeliness and accuracy of documentation
Documentation is only useful if it is pointed and up-to-date. Wouldn't it be great if you could troubleshoot issues quickly and had all of the information at your fingertips with recommendations to continuously improve the quality of your Cognos TM1 solution?

Governance and visibility
When models get complex it becomes difficult to trace data flows, understand dependencies and ensure that best practices are being adhered to. Imagine having the ability to start with a holistic view of your Cognos TM1 solution and then drill down (much like you do in Cognos TM1) to answer whatever questions you may have or to ensure that models are being developed in line with quality standards.

Managing Change
In an agile environment keeping up with change can be challenging. Imagine if you could preempt the impact of changes before making them, or track them once they have occurred – perhaps for troubleshooting or regulatory compliance reasons.

Press Release

TORONTO, Apr. 13, 2015

Clear Insight FPM announced today that it has a North American software reseller agreement with Mindfull (formerly Cortell). Under the terms of the agreement, Clear Insight is be a reseller of QUBEdocs, across North America, a product that documents, manages, and maintains IBM Cognos models.

Clear Insight

QUBEdocs is a solution for managing and documenting the IBM Cognos Product Suite, initially designed for IBM CognosTM1, the enterprise planning, budgeting and forecasting software, it works equally well in documenting the business rules, models and processes found in all the IBM Cognos Business Intelligence products. It automatically generates documentation for IBM Cognos instances by pulling information from vast numbers of underlying IBM Cognos source files – providing a centralized, interactive and up to date source of information to manage an IBM Cognos environment.

'Creating documentation is often a manual and consuming process, using a tool like QUBEdocs significantly decreases the cost of managing an IBM Cognos implementation, while adding significant value and reducing ongoing costs.' said Susan Malik, President of Clear Insight.

'Our clients want visibility into their environments, ability to track changes and document audit trails. Our goal for our clients is to help them gain back time, control and confidence over their processes and QUBEdocs goes a long way to achieving that with IBM Cognos TM1, IBM Cognos Enterprise and IBM Cognos Express, making QUBEdocs a logical complement to the Clear Insight portfolio of software products. QUBEdocs has proven to provide time savings and ROI for IBM Cognos TM1 customers and with more reliance on Business Intelligence and Business Analytic Solutions, a well-managed system is crucial for confidence and trust in the end result'.

'We are very excited about this partnership, as the synergies between both QUBEdocs and Clear Insight solutions are very complementary,' said Richard Johnson, Director of Mindfull.

This is a natural alignment that will, we hope, benefit both Clear Insight and Qubedocs customers by adding value to their existing BA platforms of Cognos BI and TM1.'

How QUBEdocs Works

How QUBEdocs works

QUBEdocs automates and centralizes the documentation of Cognos TM1. It automatically generates documentation for your Cognos TM1 instances and provides a framework that allows you to describe your model and tag model constructs such as business rules, models, processes and activities. Integrating closely with Cognos TM1, it pulls information from vast numbers of underlying Cognos TM1 source files – enabling you to organize your model and delivering an otherwise unavailable consolidated view:

  • Depicting models visually
  • Delivering hard-to-find information to developers, administrators and end users in a meaningful way
  • Displaying comprehensive model dependencies
  • Enabling impact analysis of proposed changes
  • Highlighting errors through integrity checks
  • Tracking changes to meet corporate governance requirements
  • Maintaining documentation as changes are made

QUBEdocs was created by Cognos TM1 experts with a deep understanding of the challenges enterprises seeking greater visibility over its Cognos TM1 implementations face.


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