Clarity uses Component Object Model (COM) objects to handle all the server-side operations. This includes querying, saving, configuring and more. For a variety of reasons, the COM objects can get confused. Often times, the system can go right back to normal if the COM objects are restarted. There are a couple of ways to do this.


By running iisreset, as an administrator, from the command prompt, the Internet Information Server (IIS) service will be stopped and restarted. Since the COM objects live inside IIS, this effectively stops and restarts them. For more information on this, here is an IBM article.

Restarting the COMs

If iisreset doesn’t work, restarting the COMs directly may help uncover the issue, or just magically fix it. To restart the COMs, you can follow these steps.

  • Open Start..Administrative Tools..Component Services
  • Navigate COM+ Applications node on the left work pane, as shown below
  • Right-click on ClarityQueuedComponents and select Shutdown
  • Right-click on ClarityComponents and select Shutdown
  • Right-click on ClarityComponents and select Start
  • Right-click on ClarityComponents and select Start
At this point, the server should be working again. You may have encountered an error message that will lead you towards the real reason Clarity isn’t working. The properties of these two objects can also be tweaked to improve performance in a variety of ways.Turning on queuing is one such optimization.