BOARD Capabilities

BOARD Capabilities

BOARD is the only product on the market to offer a unified architecture for Business Intelligence, Analytics and Performance Management.

Realtime Data

Both reporting, dashboarding, data discovering functionalities, and planning, scorecarding and simulation capabilities are delivered from a shared data repository with a single logical view of the data model (metadata layer), a single security, a single interface, and a single administration and development environment.

The result is a platform in which any change to the data, data-model, security profiles or business rules is immediately propagated to every application, offering great ease of use, unmatched time to solution and a single version of the truth across the entire organization.

Capabilities Data Discovery

Data discovery and analysis

Quickly discover insights with self-service analysis. Your own insights. Now.

Capabilities Planning


Streamline any planning process across the enterprise.

Capabilities Simulation


Instantly understand the business impact of your decisions.

Capabilities Reporting


Bring the right information to decision makers’ fingertips

Capabilities Dashboarding


Get the big picture at a glance

Capabilities Predictive Analytics

Predictive and advanced analytics

Drive better decision-making through predictive insights

Capabilities Scorecarding


Make strategy pervasive across the organization

Capabilities Mobile


Effective decision making. Everywhere. Anytime.

Capabilities Office Integration

MS Office integration

Exploit the power of BOARD into your MS Office

The right set of features

BOARD capabilities are backed by a comprehensive set of functional, technological and architectural features, which together offer an unparalleled effectiveness and ease of use both for IT and Business Users.

Capabilities Vortex

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